Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A cute Rat I Pencil sketch

Pencil Sketch

  • Size: A4 Paper
  • Medium: Charcoal pencil
  • Duration: 25 minutes
This Diwali festival when i was cleaning house stuffs, i found a cute rat hiding behind my old bed on terrace . I found that it looked at me like a very cute way, i can't describe it. But instead of hitting i just looked at it at the same way.

I think we don't like mouse or rat because they bit our clothes & many things.. but i found that it's a one of the very beautiful animal  on earth. Yes ! we thought that human being is most advance & intelligent species on earth. But being an intelligent we became monsters & start destroying other species, trees & affecting environment by one or another way. May be we all done it including me..

I advise ..Just feel the beauty of nature , not change it for our purpose.

Just feel the beauty of nature... enjoy it...

Monday, November 12, 2018

Choose your way.. Make life whichever you want...

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There are three ways to deals with problem in your life...
  • Run
  • Hide
  • Face it... experience it... learn from it...
Life is beautiful but.. yes it is also complicated. Every time we need to deals with problem or situations in our life. Of course , there are three ways either run, hide or face with problem. Every problem has solutions but we need to decide that which solution we choose.

Every decision make us different person and lead us to different direction. This is depend upon us that which path we choose and what we became...

It's not life which place us in a position, but it's ourselves who leads us in a position. So choose your path & try to be yourself.

Make life whichever you want...
Feel it ... Enjoy it...

Friday, October 26, 2018

Landscape I Color pencil sketch..

Landscape I Color Pencil Sketch...

Medium: Color pencil
Size: A3 paper
Duration: 75 minutes

   Here you can see a sketch of beautiful landscape. I have drawn it in free time with peace of mind. This is the nature. Just you need to look around you and you will see beautiful creature of nature. I get enjoyed when i had drawn it . It gives you peace of mind.

Just enjoy the beauty of nature . Visit my blog for more arts like this.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Nature...Ball Pen art...

Nature...Ball Pen Art

Size: A4 sheet
Medium: Ball pen on paper
Time: 40 minutes

       Its just something comes in my head, just a beauty of nature...simply peace of eye. I have drawn it with Cello ball pen on A4 size paper. 

Just enjoy beauty of nature..check out my other arts on my blog...